On Olive Oil

Everywhere you see ‘use good olive oil.’ But what does that mean? The most expensive? Imported? I was buying the basic olive oil from Whole Foods thinking that would be ‘good olive oil.’ And then one day I had some extra in a bowl from coating some vegetables and I decided to mop it up with a piece of bread. The flavor was almost metallic like— very harsh. I even poured a little by itself to try in case the vegetables had affected it. But no, it tasted awful. Then I saw Cook’s Illustrated recommended Columela, so I got some and tried it just with bread. What a difference! So now I say ‘good olive oil’ is really ‘good tasting olive oil.’ I also like Nunez de Prado, which is the Cook’s Illustrated second choice. I’m trying to branch out and add some other ones, but I won’t use any olive oil now unless it tastes good all by itself. I learn something new every day.